Why E-Surfers Paradise?

E-Surfers draws from a wealth of international experience and local market knowledge to solve clients problems

1. In-depth Market, Industry & Technical Expertise

Our team cumulatively has over 75 years of industry experience in Europe, Asia, Australia and West Africa

We have an understanding of what our clients need and are therefore able to utilise our global expertise and experience to provide quick and timely solutions to clients. We have successful hands on experience of the fiscal and regulatory framework.

We have advised on, and implemented structures and facilities of educational institutions in various continents. One of our key successes was resuscitating online and distance learning in Nigeria.

We have partnered with international organisations and consulted for government and non-government institutions on a broad range of issues.

2. Skilled & Experienced Professionals

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, ready to assist clients

Our team of consultants and staffs have extensive and hands on experience in educational consulting, business management and legal services. Our consultants are familiar with, and understand the local terrain. With our experience and knowledge, we are able to save our clients time and costs in processes and bureaucracy.

3. Our Wide-Ranging Network

We have local and international networks and partnerships

We leverage on our partnerships, local and international to deliver solutions that are long lasting and sustainable. With our extensive partnerships, our clients can expect solutions that cut across geographical boundaries.

4. Approach

Comprehensive, Inclusive and Sustainable

We think of companies and businesses as enduring institutions therefore we adopt a comprehensive and tailored approach to deliver the most appropriate solutions. We consider clients needs, key stakeholders and the society in our strategies. We draw on our strategic partnerships to solve client’s problems.