E-Surfers Paradise will provide a pragmatic understanding of your organisation’s underlying strategy or we will fashion out new current strategy. This will enable you to deliver the most appropriate and best results for your organisation and business at different levels including the unit, corporate and group. We do this by providing technical and content knowledge using meticulously and astutely analysed situational reports.

Our expertise cuts across many areas including: valuation, economics, risk management, business unit strategy, intellectual property management, transaction services, valuation, economics, brand/intellectual property management and risk management.

E-Surfers Paradise is available to assist in many areas which include:

  • Analysing and researching your business environment.
  • Independent, objective evaluation and validation of your management strategy.
  • Communicating your strategy to everybody as a “shared vision” within your organisation.
  • Robust ‘stress testing’ of your strategy and its underlying assumptions.
  • Assessing and reviewing the full financial and economic implications of your investment/divestment options.
  • Ensuring that your new acquisitions are within your organisational control and integrated into your operations as timeously as possible.
  • Risk analysis regarding customers, partners and suppliers, different markets in order to be certain that you have put in place appropriate risk treatment strategies.
  • Tracking and recording your progress on the implementation of your strategy when it becomes operational.