What we stand for

E-Surfers Paradise has the advantage of a combination of academic and intellectual ecosystem, strategic and analytical skills, knowledge engineering, information technology, instructional systems know how, the demands of the business and entrepreneurial landmarks that define great organisations, executive leadership and an immersion in the demands of the 21st century to successfully guide our clients to attain their best.

The distinctiveness of what we do at E-Surfers paradise is our excellent knowledge of the turf we and our clients operate in. Our base is a diverse, multi- disciplinary leadership experience, multi-tasking and multi-skilled in a well equipped environment to bring about total transformation which is superior to anything found anywhere else.

We empower our clients to perform to their optimum by employing all our exclusive capacities and capabilities to collaborate with our clients to make them first amongst equals in what they do.

We specialise and pride ourselves in working with our clients to chart profoundly transformative pathways for their development and rise to the top.

Our capacities and capabilities include the following:

  • Educational
    • Open and Distance Learning
    • E-Learning, Staff Training, Infrastructure support
    • Human Capacity Development & Management – All levels of Education
    • Higher Education management & Development
    • Students and Staff Recruitments
    • Quality Assurance
    • Instructional System Designs
  • Strategy
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Governance, Accountability and Transparency
  • Human Resource Management
  • Legal Consulting and Training Services