Information Technology

The evolution of communication technology in an organised, formal setting has led to the emergence of teaching at a distance being characterised by three major perspectives of technologies (5 generations), pedagogy (3 generations) and organisation (3 models). The juxtaposition of these three perspectives has created a situation in which technology plays an important role in transforming learning, business and human organisation and relations in the organised private sector.

Believing that technology is the medium and not the message, E-Surfers Paradise works with our clients to engineer and manage knowledge, skills and experience to redesign their IT architecture, design and strategy in order to enhance their project and operations management, security, enterprise applications, to the needs of the organisation.

E-Surfers Paradise is positioned to assist clients that require:

  • The entrenchment of technology in the organisation to realise its vision and mission.
  • The development of an IT plan in order to strategise an organisation’s growth and development
  • The institution of digital literacy and skills in an organisation.
  • The need to utilise technology as a platform for social and economic growth and promote IT demand drivers in the society, education and business.
  • The total deployment of IT infrastructure in an organisation for software development and training.
  • The provision of digital services development and promotion in an organisation.
  • The need to contribute, within a national framework, to the development of a digital society, promote emerging technologies, and encourage indigenous content promotion and adoption.
  • The enhancement of an organisational digital economy and the poise to create jobs and meet the demands of the 21st century skills development.
  • The acquisition, development and pervasive use of Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) for general education, learning and training purposes within an organisation or for a third party ecosystem.
  • The adoption of and alignment with global best practice in the use of IT in education, training and business.