Human Resource Management

No matter how excellent an organisation’s infrastructure and other set ups are, if it does not have very capable, appropriate and efficient crop of staff, nothing moves forward. There must be a strategic focus on how to develop the human resources to drive the vision and mission.

How do you select and hire the best group of staff and get them to perform to their absolute best each time? What procedures and processes are in place for constant training and retraining for staff? How does an organisation create the enabling environment in which employees can learn better and apply innovative ideas, acquire new competencies, develop skills, behaviours and attitudes. How does an organisation ensure that both the employer and employee subscribe to shared investment in human resources development?

E-Surfers Paradise can assist educational and business organisations to:

  • Develop strategic policies and procedures for effective human capital development
  • Hire the appropriate staff with the right skills and attitude to make expected contribution in order to achieve the best for the organisation.
  • Select the best modalities for training staff for a competitive advantage.
  • Develop the modality to restructure in order to have the have the staff with expected ability, capability and capacity to handle the business strategy of the organisation.
  • Establish an organisational culture that focuses on excellence and effective customer service.
  • Put in place effective strategies for sanctions and disciplinary purposes to check erring staff.
  • Evolve an effective staff development policies and procedures including promotion and other reward mechanisms for staff appraisal and performance management.