Governance, Accountability and Transparency

E-Surfers Paradise believes that underlying everything else, in a bid to get the system working well, is effective and efficient governance in which accountability and transparency are the watch words. Good governance guarantees that decision making and implementation, be it in public institutions, educational environment or business organisations, resources are managed properly within the purview of human rights and sustainable human development actions. Whatever actions are taken or implemented, they should be done free of corruption, and that officials and all operations are accountable and transparent. This is what a decent society with respect to the rule of law, thrives upon. E-Surfers Paradise assists clients to achieve all these and many more.

E-Surfers can assist clients in the following ways:

  • Development of policies that ensures that everyone in the organisation has a voice in decision making through legitimate means.
  • Provision of training on accountability and transparency by your organisation’s board, council, management and principal officers.
  • Development of legal framework that will enforce fairness and impartiality and respect human rights in every aspect of governance in the organisation.
  • Institutionalise the efficient management of and mitigation of processes which are intrinsic in business risk taking.
  • Development of rules and regulations that engender free flow of information, accessible to everyone in the organisation in order to serve all stakeholders, ensures transparency and, if necessary, to mediate differences in interests and expectations.
  • Development of policies, processes and procedures that will guarantee and put in place skills and the know-how to instruct on equity, effectiveness and efficiency, accountability, identification and how to address complaints, breaches of legislation and strategic vision of the organisation.