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Who are we?

A brief introduction to who we are and what we stand for

  • 01 We are a solution-oriented consulting organisation

    E-Surfers Paradise is a solution-oriented development, design, advisory and management consulting organisation, with world class capabilities and best practice solutions in the development and implementation of educational and business strategies. We work hand-in-glove with our partners to successfully provide cutting edge, time-tested and value-added educational, training, management and enterprise transformation solutions. E-Surfers provides services in many areas to businesses, government and non-governmental organisations and institutions.

  • With a world-class team of highly skilled and experienced academics, researchers and professionals, E-Surfers Paradise provides creative, just-in-time, innovative and quality-driven, hands-on value-added solutions. Our solutions enable our clients stand out as quality organisations, both nationally and internationally. We think entirely without-the-box to develop and produce appropriate and tailor-made strategic solutions for our partners, and stake-holders.

  • Our core values include, but are not limited to, ‘’Innovation’’, ‘’Integrity’’ "Partnership” "Client satisfaction’’, ‘’Relevance’’, and ‘’Visionary’’. These are the hallmarks and defining characteristic trademarks used as our day-to-day tool kits to provide the most sought after solutions for all our clients.


 Our Upcoming Event


Micro-credential Course on Digital Learning for Teachers

"Digital Learning for Teachers" is a 3-day online micro-credential certificate course designed to help educators transition from traditional classroom teaching to digital platforms. This course will provide teachers with the skills and knowledge to effectively use digital tools and resources to enhance their teaching practices.

What we do best

Some of the top-class services we offer


Our extensive range of educational services are delivered with the highest level of professionalism laden with excellent local and international expertise.


We provide a pragmatic understanding of your organisation’s underlining strategy and help you fashion out new strategies which would enable you to deliver your best results.

Business Process Development

We help you navigate the 21st century very fast-paced and challenging business ecosystem while maintaining an efficient and cost improvement set of organisational behaviour.

Information Technology

We work with you in order to engineer and manage knowledge, skills and experiences, then redesign your IT architecture, design and strategy in order to meet your organisation's needs.

Governance, Accountability and Transparency

E-Surfers Paradise assists our clients to make and implement decisions in every sphere properly within the purview of human rights and sustainable human development actions.

Human Resource Management

E-Surfers can help select and hire the best group of staff and get them to perform to their absolute best. We can help create procedures for training and retraining of staff and many more.


E-Surfers helps businesses maintain compliance and control, which will require a strategic and sustainable approach; drive efficiency and provide insights which will aid in reduction of business expenses.

Executive Legal Services and Training

E-Surfers provides real-time, tailor-made solutions and satisfactory responses to a diversified range of current & anticipated problems and needs of our client.